Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hot Property

Serena Garrison is in the midst of an epic dry spell. The pretty real estate agent can't seem to sell a house or find a decent date. She desperately needs to get her groove back in both departments. It certainly doesn't help matters that her family business, Kingston Brothers, has hired the object of her teenage lust to be their senior landscaper or "Exterior Property Development Consultant." Now he's everywhere, reminding her of their humiliating history together and threatening the future of her family business with his crazy and costly ideas. All she needs to do is avoid Mark, sell a house, and find someone suitable to spend her life with. If only Mark wasn't quite so drool-worthy and difficult to ignore.

A busted knee has shortened his career with the NFL, but Mark Goldsworthy has returned to his hometown on a mission. First, to make restitution for his alcoholic father's part in almost ruining Kingston Brothers. Second, and most importantly, to claim the woman he's always loved. Part one of his plan is going according to schedule, but part two is going nowhere. Serena isn't an adoring and awkward teenage girl anymore, and she doesn't want anything to do with him, which makes claiming her a bit difficult. But he's more than up for the challenge.

Warning: Contains erotic situations and some graphic language

So this book was a short read but it was so worth it! There is a few sex scenes, so be aware that this is for the mature audience.  Also there is a reference to Nazi nature so be advised. 

 Serena, a real-estate agent, whose had a rather rough time, not only in selling houses but romantically as well. Now she’s faced with someone from her past, someone who she’s been in love with since she has been 14. Rejection from him at 18 has made her hold a grudge for a decade, but will she be able to hold onto the fa├žade of hating him or will she succumb to her desires?

Mark, a former football player, turned landscaper once his knew was blown out, is back home running the family business after his father drank himself to oblivion. Then there’s Serena. The one girl he wanted to bad 10 years ago but denied himself so he didn’t rob her of her innocence the way he was robbed. She’s just as fiery and determined as he remembers, but can he convince her to take a chance on him?

Weddings…. They seem to be a turning point in Serena and Mark’s life; will the second wedding go better than the first? Will they finally admit the obvious?  


WOW what can I say about this book. LOVED IT! Serena has loved Mark since they were teens.  Although he was way OLDER.  And now They work together in the relestate market!  Her cousins own a building company that builds amazing homes.  Serena is a Relastate agent that Sells their homes. Mark has taken over his fathers landscaping buisness and does the landscaping for their properties.  He has wanted Serena since she was 15.  Can Mark win her feelings? AND Can Serena get passed her..... well Bitchness to see the wonderful man that Mark is?  Her cousins all play a part in their getting together.... it makes me laugh. This was a sweet short read. Some Hot Scenes too!


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