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Chiropractor Allarie Healy spends more and more time dodging her younger sister Simone’s attempts to find her a man. There seems to be no end to what the girl will do. So when the man known for the finest butt in the city ends up in her office for an adjustment, Allarie wonders if it’s all a hoax or if this time her sister has gone too far.

Dailey “Wiggle It” Wood, has made a name for himself
in minor league baseball from his backfield motion during his batting stance. It’s garnered him arm candy galore and the attention he needs to get noticed for the major league. He’s even in a beefcake calendar. Then a ditzy blonde crashes into his car and drags him off to her chiropractor sister to keep his injury a secret.

Allarie’s not his type. Dailey’s not hers. But when they’re thrown together and forced to play a couple, perhaps their images of the ideal partner might just be… Cracked.
So at first I was really skeptical. I mean I don't usually have the time to read about guys who seem like they are totally full of themselves, and the leading lady being a Chiropractor was a little iffy for me, but I'm so glad I took the chance. This book is a short one too, it's about 80 pages, but there's not really a dull moment, and unlike other authors, Tara Logan provided an epilogue. The sad thing is, like any other book, just when its getting good it ends. Sadly I thoughtthis book was going to have some sexual awakening for Allarie, but with much dismay no sex. Though no sex the pull of the story and the sexual awareness between Allarie and Dailey were magnified with two encounters of nakedness. The "relationship" started out on pretenses, but does it stay that way? Does Allarie let her past hinder her future or will she take the plunge and begin to live life again? Will Dailey be able to walk away from the sexy chiropractor after the pretense is up? You're going to have to read it to find out for yourself, and trust me though its a quick read, it's a "home run" in sweetness. 


So this was a cute little short read that Dani showed me. Best of all, being short it was free!!!
So Allarie is a chiropractor who hasn't dated since her fiancé died. Her sister who loves baseball , accidentally rear ends "Wiggle". She sends him to Allarie's office and there's a connection. What happens to this unlikely pair? It's a cute read. Find out. :)   


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