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Playing With Her Heart Blog Stop

Twenty-three year old rising theater star Jill McCormick has built a life out of pretending. Pretending she's happy, pretending she's not haunted by the dark secret that shattered her world six years ago. But then she comes face to face with her new director -- sexy, sophisticated, jealous, all-alpha, dirty-talking Davis Milo. He tries to resist the actress he's cast, but the attraction between them is too powerful, and soon their private rehearsals spiral into new, forbidden territory. The connection, the chemistry is undeniable, and it hits them anywhere, and everywhere -- in the theater, on the piano, in the limo, in the restaurant...But the tragedy in Jill's past stands between them. Davis has walls too, so they can either face their fears together, or risk the most intense love, sex and passion either has ever felt...

"I move with him, letting him touch me, kiss me, taste my body like I'm his canvas and he's painting me with his tongue..."

(Playing With Her Heart is a companion novel in the Caught Up In Us series. It can be read as a standalone.) *Recommended for 17+ due to scorching sexual content and a smoking hot alpha male.

This is the second book I’ve read of Lauren Blakely and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s real, raw, and sexy. It’s believable and beautifully written. I was pulled in from the first page and didn’t want to stop until I finished. I felt everything Jill was going through. I understood what she was going through and how she allowed herself to get lost into the characters she portrayed to feel something, anything even if it was just for the moment. We all have our devices that we allow ourselves to escape into, Jill being her acting, most of us our reading.

“I am the woman on the stage and I’m having what she’s having. Love without reason. Love without fear.”

I was intrigued from the get go. I saw and felt the attracting Jill and Davis had, but worried about the role of Patrick. I’m not a fan of love triangles, I tend to fall for the guy that gets pushed aside, so I try to avoid them at all cost. Lauren Blakely had me captivated with Jill. I knew something happened to her and Lauren did an awesome job mentioning things without giving too much away at the beginning. She left just enough a mystery to keep me hooked and constantly guessing.

“He has undress me eyes.”

So Davis.. *sigh* what could I possibly say about Davis that would do him justice? He’s a rather intriguing, sexy, and talented director who’s been hurt. He’s vowed to never date another actress but then he meets Jill. I love the way Lauren wrote Davis, he has dimension without having to be a bad boy. Is he a bad boy, well that depends on your opinion of what’s bad. *winks* I love that he’s strong willed and knows what he wants. He doesn’t give in easy but he doesn’t back away from a fight either. Those of you have never watched Fight club, you won’t get this... but those of you that have will appreciate it like I do. It’s awesome and I laughed so hard when I read it. “Directing a show is like Fight Club. The first rule of directing is you do not fall for an actress. The second rule of directing is you do not fall for an actress.” LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Seriously, it’s like the mantra of all men before they fall in love.

“And I hardly need my fix anymore. Because of this man here with me. This man is changing me.”

I mentioned Patrick before, so I’m sure you’re dying to know who he is right… well Patrick indirectly saved Jill’s life. She became infatuated with him. See the thing about infatuation is it can be misconstrued as love. Another part of the story I love about the way Lauren wrote this. Nothing comes easy, not even love. Does Jill love Patrick or does she love Davis? That’s the real question and for that you’ll have to read.

“Life is tragic. I know that firsthand. But things happen. And all you can do is keep on living, because you did do everything you could. And sometimes everything you can do still isn’t enough, but that’s life. And that’s death. And that’s the way it is.”

 I was taken on a journey of self-discovery and worth will Jill. She learned to let go of something no one should have to go through or feel guilt over. She learned to love, to feel, and to live life. After all that’s all we really want right? To be able to live life with no regrets, fall in love, and discovery who we really are. Its books like Playing with Her Heart that gets me thinking a little more deeply. Wondering if maybe I should be a little more like some of the characters I read, taking chances, and being free. Its books like this that remind me why I love reading so much.

“No faking, no pretending. Only truth.”

This is definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year and if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you are totally missing out on an amazing book. I can’t wait to read the rest of Lauren Blakely’s books. Her writing is spectacular and has you feeling as if you are in the book. There's just the right amount of sexy too!

Playing With her Heart was the sweetest and hottest book I have read in a long time! Davis and Jill’s story was one that I will love for a long time!  I love theater and the 
behind the scene type things.  The musicals and all and for there to be a love story with that in it, hooked me right away! Lauren Blakely, wrote a story that had it ALL in it. 

The Romance, the Sex, the Love and the emotions.  I cried for Jill and her past and my heart hoped that Davis could let down his walls.  

The story starts with Jill auditioning for a musical that Davis is directing.  She thinks she is “in love” with the star, Patrick, and Davis is taken with her and has been for a while.  

You see where this is going right?  But it MADE the story in my opinion. I loved the progression of the story with Davis wanting Jill and their flirting.  Davis did the hot and cold bit and Jill tried to make it okay by wanting Patrick.  But their chemistry was too strong for them to keep away from each other.  I think you will need a cold drink when reading it! However can both Davis and Jill leave their past hurts behind and help each other love again?  

I must say Davis is ONE HOT Director.  Wow! I want to tell you more of the story but really...... I would tell you it all.  I loved it!

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Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.
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Cover Reveal - A Message of Flowers - Rachel Walter

So Excited to Bring you this Cover Reveal by Rachel Walter.  Plus a GIVEAWAY!!  Are you ready???

Here it is......


White Carnations - pure love, sweet and lovely.
Daisy - Innocence, beauty, simplicity.

To florist, Georgina Nickols, every flower has a meaning and a purpose. Flowers are something she knows, lives, and breathes. But when they start mysteriously showing up on her porch, she’s unsure of their meaning, and of who is leaving them.
What do these flowers mean to the messenger?

An old friend from high school, Corbin Waylay, moves back to town. When he shows up, he stirs up all kinds of trouble for Georgina. Her life-long friend, Sid Trail, hates him and makes that fact clear to Georgina. But despite the warnings from her friend, she just can’t help the feelings that resurface. The feelings she hasn’t felt for anyone since high school graduation, the feelings that only Corbin can induce.

As Corbin moves closer into her life, it causes a rift between her and Sid. The mystery flowers continue to appear and begin to add to the stresses of life.
Love, secrets, pain, and lies surround Georgina, putting her trust to the test.
When the messenger is finally revealed, will the meaning of the flowers be enough to repair the damage of those hidden secrets?

Forget Me Nots - Remember me forever, good memories, hope.
Single Red Rose - I love you.

Expected Release Winter 2013

Author Bio
Rachel lives in Central Pennsylvania, is a stay at home mom, has a wonderful husband, total of 4 kids, 3 of which are step kids. She’s a true Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers fan. She’s an insomniac that loves coffee, Johnny Depp movies and bonfires, dislikes driving on the interstate, bugs of any kind, and a too quiet house. When she’s not playing with the people inside her head, making her family think she belongs in the loony bin or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, finding new music, new books, helping someone or plotting something equally crazy with her Critique Partners. Be sure to check out her debut YA Paranormal True Connection.


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Cover Reveal-Teodora Kostova.

It's our pleasure to present you with Teodora Kostova's cover to Then, Now, Forever. The cover is designed by, Cover it Designs and you can check them out by clicking on their name!  Then, Now, Forever is an NA Contemporary Romance, it's book 2 in the Heartbeat series, but if you haven't read In a Heartbeat book 1 in this series, you should do that, lol, but these books are written as stand alone novels. Enough chit chat right? Here's the gorgeous cover!!

 Gia had let Beppe into her life so easily, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She’d held him when he’d hurt so badly he’d thought he might die; she’d talked him down when he’d been so angry he’d considered doing something he’d regret for the rest of his life.
 Gia had saved his life.
At least once he needed to be strong for her.
This right now, this moment, was theirs. It belonged to them, not to abusive or dead fathers, not to guilt, regret or sorrow, not to the past of the future.

But will their love survive when tragedy separates them?

“I have to go, Gia. I’m tired and I feel empty. I know you need me, but I have nothing left to give you. I need to heal.”
“I miss you so much it’s hard to breathe.”

Beppe was still Gia’s closest friend. But they’d never be anything more than that again. Remembering what it felt like to have the person you love most in the world be torn away from you still hurt. Gia was determined never to be put into that position again.
There was never lack of love, but can Beppe win Gia’s trust again?

“When I was broken you gave me pieces of yourself and made me whole again.”

Add Then, Now, FOREVER on Goodreads

Release Date: September 2013

IN A HEARTBEAT (Heartbeat #1)
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“I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past ten months. I’ve had half my liver removed and even though this time the doctors are very optimistic that they’ve removed all of the tumours, they can’t be sure. In another three months they want me here again for a check up. Right now I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I know the damn thing is gone, at least for the moment. Despite that, I can’t make any plans for the future, not yet. I need to go somewhere where nobody knows me, where I can relax and maybe even forget about all this. Where I can meet people who don’t think of me as the girl who lost her father and her brother in a car accident, and who has cancer. I want to have fun, even if it’s for a couple of months.”

When Stella decides to visit her estranged cousin Lisa in Genoa, she has no idea Italy will give her a new reason to live.


“Her gaze locked on a scene so beautiful, the picturesque beach paled in comparison. A lifeguard emerged from the water, his orange trunks stuck to his legs and water dripping all over him. He shook his head to get rid of some of the water in his hair and Stella felt as if everything started developing in slow motion – tiny drops of water slid from his neck down his broad chest and muscular arms, along a weaving tattoo on his right shoulder, and continued downwards towards his chest and washboard stomach, finally getting lost in the waistband of his trunks. A part of another tattoo peeked over his trunks on his left hip, the other part hidden under them. It was a total Baywatch moment.”

Their love is epic. But there are too many things keeping them apart.

“How could you keep this from me, Lisa? If you had told me the first day I met him, I would have avoided him like the plague. Nothing would have happened between us.”
“I kept your secrets, too, Stella.”

Are Max and Stella strong enough to fight not only for their love, but for their lives?

Author Bio
Hi, my name is Teodora and I live in London with my husband Ted and my son Jason. I've been writing ever since I can remember, but it became my full time job in 2010 when I decided that everything else I've tried bores me to death and I have to do what I've always wanted to do, but never had to guts to fully embrace. I've been a journalist, an editor, a personal assistant and an interior designer among other things, but as soon as the novelty of the new, exciting job wears off, I always go back to writing. Being twitchy, impatient, loud and hasty are not qualities that help a writer, because I have to sit alone, preferably still, and write for most of the day, but I absolutely love it. It's the only time that I'm truly at peace and the only thing I can do for more than ten minutes at a time - my son has a bigger attention span than me.
When I'm procrastinating, I like to go to the gym, cook Italian meals (and eat them), read, listen to rock music, watch indie movies and True Blood re-runs. Or, in the worst case scenario, get beaten at every Wii game by a five year old.
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Cover Reveal- Chantal Fernando

It's our pleasure to present you with the beautiful cover to Chantal Fernado's book, Spin My Love! It's absolutely gorgeous and we definitely have it on our TBR pile!

World renowned DJ Tane Miller returns to his hometown after leaving when he was eighteen and never looking back. When he runs into his beloved childhood friend Giselle, his life takes a turn he could never have anticipated. 

Giselle Reece has been in love with Tane ever since she can remember. After learning her lesson the hard way, she realizes that Tane isn’t the man she once thought he was. When he re-enters her life, desperate to make amends, Giselle needs to decide whether she can let down her guard and forgive the man she once adored, or is it time to finally let go?

Tane must now fight for what he wants, even though he isn’t sure he deserves it. The only question is, will it be enough? Or is it too late for him to redeem himself?

And because the cover is so amazing, we have to share the full jacket with you! This is definitely a book you want on your shelves because of how gorgeous the cover is!

Chantal Fernando is 26, a mother of three beautiful little boys and lives in Western Australia. 

Chase is her debut novel, followed by Kade, Ryder & James.
She is currently working on 'Spin My Love' a new adult contemporary romance, along with a few other projects.

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Because the author is so amazing, she's also having a GIVEAWAY!! 1st place winner will receive a $10 Amazon Giftcard, 2nd place will get Ebooks of Chase, Kade, and Ryder, and 3rd &4th place will receive an Ebook of Ryder.

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Deviation Blog Tour - Angel Interview and POV, Review

I am so excited to share with you Dani's book Deviation! The day is here where I am allowed to shout about Angel and Neveah!! Who are they you ask? Well they are the characters in her book.  And I just happen to have an interview with Angel and a special POV from him. So excited! So lets get this party started shall we? 

It takes just one week to realize that you’re broken, but not unfixable. ONE week to realize everything doesn’t come with a price. One week to fall in love with love. One week to fall in love with you. 
Family torn apart at thirteen by a drunk driver.
Fifteen foster homes in five years.
Determined to keep everything at bay, Nevaeh Rodgers will do whatever it takes to forget.

Until she meets Angel Barajas at a party. He can’t keep his eyes off of her. Saving her from a guy at the party and an overdose, he can’t just let her walk out his door. Determined to help her whether she wants the help or not, he sets out to find her and not a moment too soon. 
  It takes ONE day to realize the relationship you’re in isn’t healthy and leave. TWO days to realize you’re as pathetic as the loser you stayed with. THREE days to get a combination of drugs out of your system. FOUR days to wish life would end so you can take matters into your own hands. FIVE days to be saved. It takes a week to realize that everything each and every one of those days has in common, is the vibrant blue eyes that are staring at me right now.

Now, Here is a special POV that Dani shared with me! ;) 

Chapter 8

I’m standing in the door way to Nevaeh’s bathroom staring holes into the closet door. She hasn’t moved since she locked herself in the closet two days ago. It’s starting to freak me out and I’m on the verge of just breaking down the door. Chances are she’s behind the door and I might hurt her, but what if she’s already hurt? I’m about to walk over to the door when my phone vibrates my pocket.
“Hey son, has she come out yet?” My mom sounds as nervous as I feel.
“No Mom, she hasn’t. I was just contemplating breaking down the door to get to her.” I wonder if she can hear the anxiety in my voice.
“I know that’s the first thing you want to do because you feel protective her Angel, but think about this first. If she’s in front of the door you can hurt her, you know that right?” I can hear she’s treading lightly.
“Of course I know that Mom! I’m not a complete idiot but what if she’s already hurt, what then? How do you think that’s going to make me feel if she’s lying dead in the closet?” I choke on that thought
“Calm down Angel, she’s not dead. She’s probably just passed out. You remember when you would come home after one of your binders? I wouldn’t find you for days because you did the same thing. You locked yourself in your closet. I still don’t understand why they put locks on the inside of the closet doors.” I can practically hear her eyes rolling.
“I don’t know Mom and I don’t see why I care really.” I lie. I know why I care. I’m just too damn stubborn to admit it to myself.
“Son, we both know why you’re doing this. Despite the promise you made me, there’s something about her and it’s more than you seeing yourself in her. If you won’t admit it to me at least admit it to yourself and when you get her out of that closet you bring her by when the rough patch is over.” She commands.
“We’ll see what happens Mom, I’m not making any promises. I’ll talk to you later, I’m going to try and get her to open the door.” I say trying to rush her off the phone.
“Ok Angel, I love you. “ The phone goes dead.
Yeah I love you too Mom. Now back to the task at hand. I walk away from the room and head to the kitchen to make her something. I decide to make her a sandwich, she has to like that right? I put a couple bottles of water on the tray and begin walking back to the room. I place the tray on the counter and go to the closet door. I knock three times, nothing. I let out a breath and knock three more times.
“If I leave something to eat and drink on the counter will you please come out and get it? You’ve been in there for two days now Nevaeh. I’ll even shut the door to the bathroom so you won’t have to see me.” I speak softly. I don’t want to scare her.
When she doesn’t say anything, I start walking away and mumble, “So stubborn.” I walk out the door and shut it behind me, but I don’t move any further. When I hear her come to the door to lock it, I let out the breath I was holding. Well at least she’s alive, now how the hell do I keep her from going back into the closet? That’s the million dollar question. She’s going to keep shutting me out. I know that because that’s exactly what I did. I shut everyone out. 
A few minutes have gone by and I’m pacing in front of the bathroom door, when I hear the door unlock. This is the moment before she makes it back to the closet. Not even giving it a second thought, I slam open the door and tackle her before she gets to the closet. In the spilt second decision I misjudged my force, and we are landing hard on the tile floor. Crack. My breathing stops for a second as my mind tries to understand what the hell the crack was when I start seeing blood pool on the floor in front of us.
“Shit.” The only word that seemed to fit the situation perfectly.
I get off Nevaeh and see that she’s transfixed by the blood. You can tell she’s not here in this moment. Her eyes have this faraway look and that scars the shit out of me. “Nevaeh! Nevaeh look at me!’ I scream at her. Trying to break her concentration.
When she finally looks up at me, I force the towel in her face, and pick her up placing her on the edge of the tub. I grab the towel hanging by the tub and cover the blood since her eyes seem to focus on it. She gets up and walks over to the sink examining her face. I can tell the blood is already slowing so she starts rinsing off the remaining blood.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t think I was coming at you that hard. I just wanted you out of the closet and for you to eat.  I knew if I waited you would lock yourself back up.” The words are out of my mouth before I can even catch a breath.
She looks up at me with those sad blue eyes, “It’s not a big deal Angel, don’t worry about it.” Her voice is raspy and stirs something inside of me. “If it’ll make you feel better I won’t go back into the closet.”
Knowing she won’t go back into the closet, my shoulders relax as I walk up to her. Bringing my hands up to her face, I tilt her head back to make sure the bleeding has stopped. Not really sure of what I’m doing, I touch around her nose making sure she’s ok and that I didn’t break it. The corners of my lips turn up slightly when she just shrugs at me like she doesn’t feel the pain. When her face flushes I’m remembered of when I touched my lips to hers.  She tries to step away from me but I’m not having it this time. Keeping my hands on her face, I move with her keeping the same amount of space between us. I’m at war. Everything in me is raging to crush my lips to hers, to show her what life could be like, but at the same time this isn’t about me and I don’t want to rush her. The moment I look into her eyes, I see it. It’s the deciding the factor.
My hand slides down her arm to rest on Nevaeh’s hip as my other hand slides to the back of her soft neck and winding in her silky, blonde hair.  Inching my face closer to hers the moment our lips touch in this slow dance, sparks ignite the raging inferno that I haven’t felt since I was doing drugs. It’s like the same high without the horrible side effects, but damn if I’m not just as addicted to it. I move my hand to her lower back, pulling her toward me and I fell her moan at the contact. I can’t get enough of her. The little moans she’s throwing off has me biting her lip and soothing it with my tongue, begging for entrance. 
I angle me head, deepening the kiss as our tongues dance around each other. The kiss is becoming intense and I can’t stop the reaction it’s having on my body. My hand make their way under her shirt, caressing her soft skin. My touch sending goose bumps all over her body. I need to stop before it goes too far, before I push her too far. With the both of us breathing heavy I can’t move away from her so instead I rest my head against hers. Breathing her air in, her scent, everything that makes Nevaeh beautiful.

Awesome right?  Now for an interview with this Hottie of a Man! 

Hi Angel, I am Dani’s friend Christina.  I am so excited that she let me borrow you today.  In fact you are one of my favorite characters that she has written.  I just have a few questions for you if that’s ok? 
Hey Christina, It’s good to be out and about. *laughs* One of your favorites huh? I’ll have to tell her that and fire away with the questions!

 When you first saw Neveah, what went through your mind? 
Other than the fact that she was definitely on too many substances, she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. But she also was hiding something and it made me want to figure out what it was.

 When you brought her to your house the first time, I know you didn’t plan on sleeping in the bed with her, but take me through what happened after she passed out.
Well she passed out a few times before I actually got her into the bed, but the final time she clung to me. Every time I thought she was in a deep enough sleep, I would move my hand from under her and she would grab onto it. I finally just gave up and fell asleep next to her.

 When Neveah left the first time, did you try to go after her or let her just go?
I wanted to go after her but I’ve been in her shoes. I would have just pushed her further away and could have possibly caused more damages. So I let her go, but I looked for her without her realizing it.

 While Neveah was detoxing what was going through your mind? 
Kicking down the door to the closet is one thing. I would’ve if I knew she was away from the door. I just tried to give her space. She did a better job at detoxing than I did. Hell I had to be put into a center, though there was a few times that I thought I was going to have her committed *shivers* but I didn’t want her away from me. I needed her there so I can watch over her, even it was from the other side of a door.

 Now, there are two parts to when she was detoxing that sticks out in my mind.  When she tried to drown herself, where you scared she succeeded?  And when she locked herself in the closet, you said, Let me in.  Did you want in the closet, in her life or both? (I know I have big questions sorry)
Well when she tried to drown herself, I was rather impressed. I know that sounds bad but I really was. I mean she broke her hand and then to have to hold herself down the way she did shows her strength and determination. Two of the things I love about her, but I was scared shitless. I’ve always been trained in CPR but the moment when you actually need it, its like it evaporates for a moment and then your shocked into action. Luckily I came out in enough time.
 As for the closet. At the time I just wanted her to let me in so she didn’t have to be alone in it all. Sometimes it helps to have someone there, especially if they’ve been through what you are going through. But when I think about, there was definitely a double meaning, it just took me a while to realize that I was just as captivated with her then as I am now.

 Helping Neveah get that job was awesome of you.  When she came home and said the guys at work flirted with her, were you jealous? 
*chuckles* Beyond belief! I knew we had this intense attraction to each other and I definitely wanted more, but I knew she wasn’t ready for that. Past experiences with men has left her guarded, she’s used to using her looks, but she doesn’t truly believe that she’s actually beautiful. So was I jealous, hell yeah, but it helped her start seeing herself for who she is without having to expect to pay for something with her body.

 When did you know that you had feelings for her, that you wanted her? 
I definitely wanted her that first night I stayed in bed with her, but I knew I had feelings for her when I found her on the beach. When I found her in that situation the breath was knocked out of me and I couldn’t see going on if she wasn’t around.

 Now, when your mom first came over to meet Neveah, were YOU nervous?  
I don’t think nervous describes it. My mom has never met someone I was dating and technically we weren’t dating then, well at least not to her we weren’t. It’s a big move when you meet the parents and I was worried how Nevaeh was going to react, so nervous, happy, excited… all reality checkers.

 One last big question.  When Neveah tried to kill herself and you were at the hospital, what were the thoughts going through your mind?
That it was because of me. It’s because I pushed her away. I was so scared that she succeeded this time and that I wasn’t going to be able to tell her how I really felt. Trust me when I say you need to live each day like it’s your last because you never really know when it’s going to be.

 Now for some fun.........At your mom’s house, what was your favorite part?  *laughs* I know mine.
*grins* Waking up in the yard and then running through the sprinklers and lets leave it at that.

 I don’t want to ask about my MOST favorite part, which is the ending.  But how are you guys doing now?  
*smiles* We’re doing great. Better than great. I would be lying if I said each day was perfect, it’s far from that. We fight about the littlest things but we make up like no body’s business. It’s our version of perfection and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Angel thanks for taking time with me. I will let you get back to your love. 
Thanks for having me and loving my girl’s story!

Now I bet you all are wondering what I thought of this book right?  Okay okay... I will tell you. 

When Dani first started sharing bits of Deviation with me I was intrigued and always wanted more.  Then she finished and let me read it over to give my input on if there needed more.  We hashed that out but I was instantly pulled in and loved it on first read.  Dani wrote this in such a way that you FEEL Neveah's despair and even though the book is only in her POV you feel Angel's desire to help her.  To me that is good writing.  When an author can make you feel the emotions of their characters you don't want to let them go.  
Now what is Deviation about?  Well it starts out with Neveah waking up after a party only to find her boyfriend gone and her motorcycle gone. She walks home and showers and in comes her BF with another girl.... ya she bails. Good Job girl!  Sadly Neveah's life has been drugs for quite a while.  She uses them not to feel. When she scores some good stuff and heads to a party she see's this guy who she is drawn too.  When her BF comes looking for her she is so stoned that she says some stuff that causes hottie guy to step in a defend her, well if she got to see it.... because she she passes out.  Where does she wake up?  YEP next to MR hottie!  What's his name you ask?  Angel.  Perfect name for this situation I would say.  Neveah is so confused on why she is there.  But then she finds out Angel got rid of her drugs.  Yes She is pissed because she is starting to sober up.  You can feel in Angel's reply that he is only trying to help her.  
Neveah runs out and ya scores more and heads out to get trashed and or tries to kill herself, but Angel like a real angel appears and convinces her to come live with him and get help.  She deicides and the back and forth between them is what pulls you in further.  You can tell Neveah is attracted to him and Angel to her.  Her detox time at his house is one of tears and I am just wow'd at the intense emotion in this book. After Neveah is clean, can these two have a relationship?  She has a job and is working on being her.  This is what I loved.  She wanted to know HERSELF before she latched on to Angel, and he respected that.  
When an action or words not spoken send her over the edge, can Angel pull her back?  I cried here because this part of the book just had me going OMG what will happen next? Then ending had me crying too, because Neveah, deserves happiness.  Yes you should know it's happy.  But not without tears first.  Anything worth having for is work right?  This book was so beautifully written that I have read it many times over and told Dani I would even want more and more. Go get your copy today and enjoy Angel and Neveah's journey. 

Want to buy this book?  I know you do! Go to these places to get it:

Now a little about My amazing friend who wrote this book 

Author Bio

Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother.  She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. Her debut novel Entrelacen was released April 2013.

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