Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sugar and Spice - Naughty and Nice - Giveaway Heather Hildenbrand

We hope you all had a great Christmas!! Heather Hildenbrand is doing an awesome giveaway.  Below you will find a Ford quiz.  From A Risk worth Taking and also a raffle copter giveaway! Check it all out! :) 

I love perusing the smutty magazines in the grocery line. It’s a thing of mine. I never actually buy them but I’ll stand and study them like they’re the breaking news ticker on CNN. My daughter (who is 10 going on 17, by the way) LOVES those magazines and every chance she gets, she buys a Tiger Beat or something like it. I get a kick out of them, but also it’s weird how similar the kid version is to the adult. I mean, we don’t ever really kick our inner teenager, do we?? (which is why I write YA.) One of my favorites is the: “How well do you know your man?” quizzes. 
I couldn’t help myself. I made one for Ford. Well, what are you waiting for? You know you want to take it…
How well do you know Ford O’Neal? 
What color are his eyes? 
How many serious or long-term relationships did he have before Summer?
What type of degree does he have?
What does he hope to do regarding his career while at Heritage Plantation?
What state is he from?
What does his dad do in his spare time?
What’s the name of his truck?
What color is his truck?
After Virginia, his next work-study program is in what state?
In A Risk Worth Taking, during the scene when Ford goes to Summer for his new employee paperwork, they have a conversation heavy with tension and he traps her between himself and the filing cabinet. After Summer hands Ford the forms, what is the one thing he tells her he needs from her?

Once you have the answers, email me at
For everyone who gets them ALL right, I will mail you signed swag!

HERE is the link to the Giveaway!

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