Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cover Reveal- Chantal Fernando

It's our pleasure to present you with the beautiful cover to Chantal Fernado's book, Spin My Love! It's absolutely gorgeous and we definitely have it on our TBR pile!

World renowned DJ Tane Miller returns to his hometown after leaving when he was eighteen and never looking back. When he runs into his beloved childhood friend Giselle, his life takes a turn he could never have anticipated. 

Giselle Reece has been in love with Tane ever since she can remember. After learning her lesson the hard way, she realizes that Tane isn’t the man she once thought he was. When he re-enters her life, desperate to make amends, Giselle needs to decide whether she can let down her guard and forgive the man she once adored, or is it time to finally let go?

Tane must now fight for what he wants, even though he isn’t sure he deserves it. The only question is, will it be enough? Or is it too late for him to redeem himself?

And because the cover is so amazing, we have to share the full jacket with you! This is definitely a book you want on your shelves because of how gorgeous the cover is!

Chantal Fernando is 26, a mother of three beautiful little boys and lives in Western Australia. 

Chase is her debut novel, followed by Kade, Ryder & James.
She is currently working on 'Spin My Love' a new adult contemporary romance, along with a few other projects.

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Because the author is so amazing, she's also having a GIVEAWAY!! 1st place winner will receive a $10 Amazon Giftcard, 2nd place will get Ebooks of Chase, Kade, and Ryder, and 3rd &4th place will receive an Ebook of Ryder.

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