Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Safe Haven- Review

Kallie Peters has finally made her dream come true – she’s turned the family farm into Safe Haven, an animal sanctuary. But financial woes are pressing in on her, and she’s worried that the only way to keep the farm is to allow her rich ex-boyfriend back into her life. When a sexy stranger shows up in her driveway with a wiggling puppy in his arms, she knows it’s her chance for a hot rendezvous before she gives up her freedom. 

The sex is hot, wild and passionate – the perfect interim before returning to the pressures of real life – but something else is happening between them. Can they find a way to save their dreams, their passions and their hearts, or will they have to say goodbye to all they’ve come to love?

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Talk about reading some cute short stories lately! This one tops the cake with its cuteness, seriously. This book is about 67 pages and perfect for an in between read.

So Kallie owns this ranch called Safe Haven. It was left to her by her grandmother along with a pretty heavy land mortgage. She was making it when she was dating Erik, until he held the money as power.

One day this stranger strides up to her walking his bike, with a little puppy in tow. The guy is undeniably sexy and has her flustered. So who is this guy? Darrin is an LA Photographer taking a break in hopes to find his passion again. What he doesn't expect to find his passion wrapped up into the package of Kallie and her farm. A horse bite and a few steamy eye locks later, maybe they are the perfect detraction for each other.

That is until the interruptions from Erik happen. Faced with a hard decision what will Kallie do? Can she let go and enjoy the little time she has with Darrin and then force herself to take the deal Erik is offering in order to save Safe Haven? What happens when Darrin's leg is healed up and he can set back on the road to his life? Can a few days of a fling just be that or is there more hiding on the land of Safe Haven? Maybe Safe Haven is more that just a ranch for mistreated animals... maybe Safe Haven will save Kallie and Darrin. You'll have to read to find out!

A short sweet and hot read for an in between book or a lazy Saturday. Kallie relieved her grandmother farm and turned it into a rescue place for animals. She worked it alone after a break up with her boyfriend. Along come sexy photographer Darrin with a lost puppy. He was just passing through. Well when one of her horses bites his leg, forcing Darrin to stay, will there attraction ignite? And when Kelli needs the farm saved will she turn to her ex? Or will Kallie and Darrin find their home... Together ?
Great read. 

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