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Always Remember-Blog Tour

How long does it take for a long-distance relationship to break down? Sixteen months.

When Jen and Carl put their relationship to rest after Christmas, Jen’s biggest problem is going back to London ten days earlier than planned – and her ever-present attraction to Samuel ‘Bing’ Edwards.

Bing has no idea why Jen left Devon so fast. All he knows is that he wants her as much as he did the first day he laid eyes on her – so spending time with her while Lexy is still in Devon isn’t exactly a hardship for him. When he finds out she’s single, the only thing on his mind is finishing what they started at his dad’s fiftieth birthday party.
Feelings that have been a long time building between the two explode, and they both find themselves sucked into an easy yet passionate relationship, with Bing determined to prove to Jen that she’s it for him. That she is The One.

But in a city like London, the odds are stacked against them, and there’s always that one person ready to stir things up… And Jen doesn’t know how much of that she can take – even for the guy she loves more deeply than she ever imagined, and eventually she breaks.

Bing isn’t down with that. He wants Jen, and he wants her by his side for good.
Jennifer Mason must learn that Samuel Edwards doesn’t do giving up. Especially not when his forever girl is involved. 
One of the best and worst things about series is the final book. It’s a bittersweet moment because it ends perfectly, but it’s the END. I fell in love with Emma Hart as a writer through the Memories Series and now that the end is here, I’m sad to see these characters go. It started off with Alec and Lexy in Never Forget, for there to be tension with Jen, Lexy’s best friend, and Bing, Lexy’s brother. In Holding On we see that things are still going strong with Alec and Lexy but not so much with Jen and Carl. The tension between Jen and Bing escalate and we are left wondering in Holding On if they kissed or not.

Which leads us into Always Remember. So did they kiss? Wouldn't you like to know! Jen and Carl’s relationship is on the rocks and coming to a close. Though it’s a mutual decision they decide it’s best to go separate ways. Now what happens? Does Jen give Bing the opportunity? Does Bing go for it? Before anything can be done feelings have to be admitted to themselves and when they are boy is it fun. Snow in London has never sounded more appealing than it does when it involves Bing. Snow ball fight, a maybe kiss?
A phone call between Lexy and Bing leaves him finding out that Jen is no longer in a relationship and she’s free game… so to speak. FINALLY Bing makes his move. And hot damn he can put that move on me any day. Just when things are looking up an ugly ex of Bing’s makes an appearance. Heidi. Makes me want to smack Bing for even becoming involved with this wretched girl and has me wishing Jen would take care of her and I mean that in the SLAP the b*tch kind of way. Bing is no longer Bing, He is now Sam, the reason for his nickname doesn’t apply anymore and he makes sure everyone knows it.

What I love about this book is though it has extremely hot, and I mean EXTREMELY HOTT sex scenes, its not about the sex. It’s about the connection they have to each other. Have a cold shower ready or if you’re lucky have the hubby/boyfriend nearby. The ending is absolutely perfect and Gram is ever medaling, even beyond the grave. The epilogue is perfect. It combines all four of the characters we fell in love with in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need more. Like questions are unanswered, it’s perfect. It’s the perfect ending to a beautifully written series.


I was waiting for this book as soon as I was done with Never Forget. Then Holding in fuller my desire for more of Jen and Bing. Always remember is their story.  When a long time relationship ends because people just grow apart, sometimes the most unexpected surprises come. Jen and Bing flirt and pretend to despise each other. The sexual tension is so hot! You scream "just do it!" We'll they listen!!  Bing wants Jen.... Only Jen, but can she trust that his play boy side won't hurt her? Jen wants Bing to prove he can just be with her. But ya know there are so many girls, one in particular that do not want Bing off the market. Alec and Lexy are there to give advice and its great to see them all interact again. I love these characters and am Sad it's at an end. 

This book is so hot that your panties might melt. But That's Jen and Bing for you! I will say they might give The Love Game some competition! Well done Emma! 

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