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Up to Me Chat for Chapters 1-6

 So were doing this a little different than what we did last week since we are all reading this for the first time with you..

Which means we will have these lovely chats for every 6 chapters!! Yay you're excited to read our silliness right?! Well get on with it!

If you haven't finished reading the first 6 chapters be warned there are *Spoilers Below*

Who’s chatting today:
Dani- Crazy Book Chicks
Christina- Crazy Book Chicks
AM- Supa Gurl Books
Chele- Supa Gurl Books

Chapter 1

Christina- hmmmm what has Taryn being soo nice? She's asking to hang out with Olivia? What's that about?

Chele- I think I’ve watched to many mystery movies because I just keep thinking she’s working for the mob with her being so nice.

AM- Wish Taryn would just go away.

Dani-I know  right C? Looks like Taryn has a hidden motive and I do too AM, that or Olivia needs to check her!

Christina- I can't believe Olivia is still questioning how Cash feels in her mind. *slaps her*

AM- Girl Talk time!!! I hate when people do this, put all these negative thoughts in your head, when you were happy just moments ago. Here’s my big question, as a woman do you tell your guy what she said and bring the negativity out in the open?? I know for me I can't keep that stuff to myself. Sometimes i wish I was the type to just let that stuff go. I guess me and Olivia are in the same boat here.

Dani-You and me both AM. I hate when someone has to plant that seed of doubt because I’m a little insecure so of course it doesn’t take much for it to grow as I have time to think about it. I always end up making the stupid mistake of telling the guy to go screw himself.

Chele- Communication!  The foundation of a solid relationship...I SO would have had to tell Cash about what Taryn said.

Christina - Oh my, bar closed and Cash comes out to play. "Do you know how hard it was to let you work tonight? To know I can't touch you or kiss you or even watch you?" "All I could think about was what you look like naked and the little noises you make when I stick my tongue inside you".  ----- omg swoon, faint, drool.

AM- *dunks head in cold water*

Dani-Move over AM *dunks head in cold water too* Cash sure does have his way with words doesn’t he? *fans self*

Chele-  Crikey!  He makes my belly burn! *jumps into cold water*

Christina - Awww hell here comes Marissa, and she doesn't know.

AM- IDK why he opened the door? *We was about to get it poppin’* LOL

Dani- NO lie right I would have ignored it especially since it was Marissa...*sigh* Bad move Cash, bad move.

Chele- Seriously this is actually Olivia’s fault.  No way I’m letting my man answer the door at his moment!  He needs to finish what he started!!

Chapter 2

Chele- Best lines ever!!  “My hard-on isn’t a problem anymore; the sound of Marissa’s voice took care of that.  In fact, it almost gave me a damned vagina.

Christina - And Cash is having to explain that Nash is not there even. And She wants to  

know about Olivia?

AM- Closed the door!

Dani- I don’t know about y'all but I sure the hell would have slammed that damn door!

Christina - Cash goes back to find Oliva... Oh my their convo has me giggling and blushing!  ~~WHATTTTT??? Lol

AM- Hahahahha, my fave part so far, “Vaguely?  Maybe I didn’t pound it into you hard enough.” “Oh, I think you pounded it in plenty hard.” “Maybe I should’ve taken the time to give you a good tongue-lashing, too, then.” ~Yes! Lol- Ya that was yummy.

Dani- Hey Cash umm I don’t remember, maybe we could revisit?

Christina- Cash sees something in her eyes and he knows something's bothering her and then she brings up Marissa... Sigh, mood ruined.

AM- *sighs*

Dani-It always reverts back to Marissa...

Christina- "how will I know the real you?" (Olivia)
"You already do. You'll have to look past some of the things you see when we're around other people. I have to keep up appearances if you want me to go through with my plans". (Cash)
And this to me is the crux of this book. Can Olivia look deeper??

AM- How can she not see how much he cares tho?? - I don't know she needs it pointed out! -C
-I don’t think it’s that she can’t see it y’all but it’s the ‘I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop’ because she still thinks he’s a bad boy and her experiences always leave her hurt.
- *In my best TV announcer voice* Deep thoughts with Dani...tonight on the Up to Me chat.

AM- POS, haha I like that, (peice of shit).

Christina - And Now Cash thinks of a way to keep Olivia with him by driving her home. Smart guy. :)

Chele- Cash is so in love. “I hate the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach just thinking about her walking away”
Olivia stop doubting or nothing will ever be good enough for you!

Chapter 3 - Olivia's POV

Gratuitous Hot Guy Picture that has nothing to do with the book. You're welcome ;)

Christina - Motorcycle Ride Home "The lengths I go to just get between your legs" - swoon oh Cash ~~Haha rawr!! ~~That is a good line boys!

Christina - The awkward drop off scene. She's unsure, he's weird, that was all just.... Please just kiss already.

AM- Yes but the charging part was exactly how I would have wanted it to go down. Passionate!!

Dani-I like that they still have that passion about them. That overwhelming pull to each other and they try to fight it but one always breaks.

Chele- That’s right baby throw me up against that door!  Bam! *Ahem* I mean Yay, they kissed.

Christina- Annnndddd there it is. He charges up after her to kiss her. "Do me a favor.....dream of me tonight he says softly...." Swoon. I mean there's more like "dream of my lips, teasing you" "dream of my tongue tasting you". Then says he'll dream of her. I think I might swoon off the roof! Anyone with me?

AM- *jumps with Christina*

Dani-I don’t know about yall but if he told me that, *fans self* that boy would not be leaving me, in fact he would have to drag us inside before we got indecency charges.

Christina - Ohhhhh damn what happened to the apartment?

AM- Cash to the rescue!!!

AM- Sugar Cakes!!! They have Marrisa! Lol

Christina - Can they keep her? Oh ya maybe not. ~~Why would they want to??

Dani-Bahahah is it totally wrong that I was jumping up and down saying “yes the biotch is gone” because i totally was.... then i felt a little bad.

AM- I love how he comforts her at the end of the chapter. #SweetCash

Christina - Yes love sweet Cash.

Chapter 4

AM- Hotel suite!! My type of hideout.

Dani-Hell yea bomb ass hideout....oh the options of what can be done it that tub...

Christina - I hear sexy music in the background.

AM- Leave?? I would have had the same reaction. Why are you leaving? #WEDONTGOTTIMEFORTHAT lmao >>>Boy! Get naked! ~”It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes,” bahaha ~~LOL

Christina - *dances* Naked cash Naked Cash !!

Chele- Oh ladies, simmer down now...we’ve got plenty of time for that coming up ;)

AM- “I want to be worth the risk.  I want her to finally fall for the right guy.” I love LOVE this line. Not only does it come across as soooo sincere but it breaks my heart, the sentiment behind it, wanting to be more than what you are for someone you love. (The Hopeless Romantic in me is floating in the clouds!) *sighs* Oh god me too girl. It’s like everything that he did before was completely wiped away in my books with this.

Christina - This is where I fell in love with Cash more.

Chele- OH ME TOO C!!  Cash please oh please say these words to her.  She needs to hear them from your pretty and talented little mouth!

Chapter 5

AM- “Sometimes he’s so sweet and sincere and… He treats me like I’m something important.  He talks to me like I’m something different.  Not like I’m the throw-away kind he’s used to loving and leaving.  He seems to value me—my safety, my happiness.  Just…me.” *Someone smack Olivia* Girl wake up!!! Or at least switch places with me.

Christina - No kidding! It's like "Hello.... Olivia!!"

Dani-It’s her insecurities. She’s not used to having someone do that for her. I get Olivia, though I wanna smack her too, I get it.

AM- “I’m stuck.” << I’m about to kidnap/murder Olivia. SMH.

Chele- I have to say I am a little over Olivia’s insecurities here too.  Just a little though, she can redeem herself.  I get it but I want her to overcome it.

AM- Hot Wasabi!! Lol (What is up with my vocab tonight?) Cash + naked + bed = Crazy AM

Chele- So Cash is a commando type of guy huh?  Well if that doesn’t make you love him even more.

AM- “Can I take this off you?” he breathes.  “I want to feel your skin against mine.” FINALLY!!!!

Christina - best line EVER!! Skin on skin.

Dani-Cash you can feel my skin anytime just say the word!

AM- *eyes pop out* “It was only a few hours ago that we had sex for the fifth time today.” #LuckyBish

Christina - Ummm I don't get it that often... Damn maybe that's my New Years resolution workout.  ~~Lmaoooo, I love it!

Dani- Hahaha AM Olivia is one #LuckyBish for sure

AM-  Fug sleep!! You can sleep when you're dead, lol.  Bahaha right!

AM- “Onto your knees.” #DoIt Lol

Chele- OH ML you dirty dirty girl you!

AM- I can't repeat what follows but it is worth reading more than once. *I’m dying here ML* DYING! OM 2DA GEEEEEEE! Me too AM  me too *cold shower* *faints*

AM- Chele is gonna have to  invest in lots of ice for us.

Dani- Haha yea she is...Chele bring lots of ice!!
Christina - lots and lots of ice

Chele- *I’m sorry but Chele has skipped out on this portion of the chat to spend some quality time with her man!  Carry on!*

Dani-Love bites....Love them!

AM- “Holding him within my body. Within my heart. Within my soul.” Aweeeeee.

Dani- I love that they are the same when it comes to sappiness.

Chapter 6

Chele- *I now return Chele to this regularly scheduled chat, happier than she was before ;) *

AM- Awe Cash wants an “I miss you” text. GIRL TALK TIME!! What is wrong with people that think it is a bad idea ,or they lose ‘power’ offering an affectionate text?? Gentlemen, AM *points at self* loves ‘just because’ text messages. I return them as well. Lol  ~~Chele is going to start sending AM ‘Just because” messages, LOL

Dani-I know right! I love getting cute just because text messages. Guys, we *points at AM and myself* love the cute text messages so don’t be scared...we promise we don’t bite...much. ~~Haha, I love to bite, lol.
Christina - yes it's adorable when they do it ;)

Chele- Aww lordy now I have to send ‘just because’ messages to Dani and Christina too?  Dang, needy biotches!

AM- Oh nooooooo. Olivia’s doubts is making Cash have doubts. *tears up*

Dani- *sigh* insecurities are a biotch... they need to work this out already and say how they really feel!

AM- Hahaha #Boner (I’m so immature), Lol.

Dani-Boner aside, how effin cute is he?! “And as long as I can’t be certain, I won’t be taking any unnecessary chances.” *sigh* I just love Cash!

AM- I love Cash too. *sighs*

Christina - ya Cash is what I like to call... Hotable. Hot and adorable at the same time.

Chele- #hotable!  Heck yea, new word.

Chele- Also, any one try to decipher the whole code conversation Cash and Dad had?  Part of me felt like he was saying Cash shouldn’t have gotten involved with Liv or maybe he was saying it was the was cryptic.

And there you have it six chapters broken down professionally by us!  We laughed, we cried, we were scared and we got hot hot hot!  

What did you think of our little chat?  How did you feel about the first six chapters?  Show us some love and make some comments on the blogs peeps we LOVE to hear from you!

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