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Up to Me Chat Chapters 7-12 *spoilers*

How are you liking Up to Me so far? Pretty awesome right?!?! Are you ready to chat some more about Up To Me and all the yuminess that comes with being a Davenport twin?
 Today we are going over Chapters 7 through 14. Let me remind you this is a breakdown of each chapter in our own words (with some excerpts) and there ARE spoilers.

DO NOT read this if you haven't read through Chapter 14!!

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Chapter 7

AM- Okay, I’m totally over Olivia and her insecurities. However, IDK why I’m so mad because I act the same way. I’ll run the same thoughts over and over, driving myself crazy.

Christina - I'm over it too.... But ya I'm the same way. Funny how we see ourselves in these characters.

Dani-IDK I guess I really sympathize with Olivia, don’t get me wrong it’s a tad annoying but I like that ML wrote it this way. Let’s be honest ladies we’re getting so upset because we would be the same way! ~~I said that!! Lol

AM- OMG!! The both of them need to communicate!! this is becoming sad.

Christina - I know right?! Talk about it already!!

Dani-Communication is key! ~~Um, that’s what I said!

Chele- So um...didn’t these two just have some serious headboard action?  Why all the doubt now?

AM- I do not trust Taryn!

Christina - Me either, that chick has something planned.

Dani- *sigh* Taryn is just jealous... I mean how could she not be when Cash is definitely paying attention to Olivia even when he’s trying not to.

Chele- Taryn is that girl you wanted to murder in high school who always like the same boy you did just because you did. ~~Seriously though!

Chapter 8

AM- This conversation with Taryn seems so fake. #DontTrustThisChick ~~Yea me neither, Olivia just needs to slap the biotch

AM- Why this is like the 1st time we’re really hearing from Gavin? Lol

Chele- I am so glad Cash called in a friend he needs a little back up.

Christina - He's a Friend of the Family that Cash didn't mention. LoL but I like him!

Dani- I so like Gavin....and Cash did mention him before but he wasn’t really needed.

AM- I don't trust Gavin either, lmao.  #TrustIssues

Christina- Oh I do! LoL ~~Thats because you read ahead, lol.

Dani- I was suspicious to AM but I have trust issues too lol...poor Olivia and Cash are getting it from both ends

Chapter 9

AM- “Recyclable materials”  haha, she’s plastic. ~~LOVED this

AM- Hello Gavin! I’m  AM.* blushes*

AM- “Nah, I stow my only superpower in my pants.” Okay, Gavin is cheesy, lol.

Chele- Wait!  While you guys skipped straight to Gavin I was still stuck on the whole lusty stare Olivia and Cash were sharing while Plastic Barbie was pimping her body out for body shots.  I love a good ‘stare off’!  Okay back to Gavin...

Christina - No he's secretly sexy lol.

Dani-Gavin could be all kinds of cheesy with me! Damn ML the boys you create! *fans self*

Chele- An Aussie mate!  Crikey!

AM- Haha, have I said lately that I love Cash. Bcuz I do!!!! “I see it slowly fade as he takes in Cash’s very serious expression.  Gavin straightens and his head turns from Cash to me and back again. He nods and claps Cash on the shoulder with one big hand.” Cash is not playing games, lol. #CashDontGotTimeForThat lol

Dani-I could literally see the male testosterone stare down going about possessive...I could totally get use some of that Cash when your not busy :)

Christina- Cash keeps getting better and better in this book. Cash is very serious when it comes to Olivia and this family matter.

Chele- See Olivia!  Do you NOT see his possessiveness for you?

Chapter 10

AM- OMG Cash is really jealous! Lol

Christina - oh ya he is, he's staked his claim on Olivia and wants NO ONE to touch her. Only If every man were that way. Funny how Gavin said she was hot. Hot Aussie Man! LoL

Dani- I think Cash is just as worried that Olivia is going to jet off with the next hot guy. Not gonna lie though a jealous Cash is a hot one! Who am I kidding Cash is always hot!

AM- Damn, right!! Always Hot!

Christina- Cash needs Gavin's help to get through this and keep Olivia safe.

AM- Who’s the ace?!?! Lol

Chele- *Covers eyes with hands*  Who is this Ace??  Scared to look...

Chapter 11

Christina- Now who is this walking through the door???? Everyone is staring at him.

AM- Our mystery man is here!

Dani- OH SNAP!!!

Chele- I think this is about to get seriously interesting!


Christina - WTH? This is is who his dad had for help? Wow!!!!!! *shocked*  Cash is speechless at this point!

AM- Get the f#%$ outta here!!!!! (Sorry!!)

Dani-Holy mother of hell....that can't be right...I had to misread this right girls?

AM- This is so bad!!! I can't deal with Cash’s family. “A slap in the face.  A sucker punch to the balls.  A reality check that reminds me there really isn’t anyone I can trust.” No Shizzzzz. - All that time....all that effin time...i feel it for Cash.

Chele- There. Are. No. Words!

Christina - And at this point Cash can only think of Olivia and her reaction and her Safety.

AM- *stares at Kindle angrily* *laughs* The boySSSS are back in town!! Lol - I
hear that in my head now lol.

AM- Whattttt???? Nooooooooooo, “I have to leave her alone.” No Cash, no!
Christina - noooooo
AM- I’m really pissed. WTH?! *Texts Selene*

Chele- I don’t really care for this Nash!  BUT I think he looks like this...

PAM- Oh no N did not just call my boo a “pussy!!!!!”

Dani- I know right! Like WTF dude who the hell are you?

AM- “We’ll find time later.  I look forward to it.” #BoyFight ~~My money is on Cash! #Ditto

AM-  Okay, people any reasons why N is so mad? Here’s my hypothetical, Cash has been able to live some resemblance of life, while N has been on a hideout.

Christina- Right but N chose it right??!! Or did dear old Dad? Cash had no idea so it's not his fault.

Dani-Yea N is pissed that Cash has been able to “live” a life....but has he really been living life? I mean lets be honest for a sec...he’s had to change everything, watch his back constantly, and never get close to someone because of what happened to his family. N needs to be grateful.

AM-  I’m righttttttttt!!! ““Oh, that’s right. You wouldn’t. You’ve been the beneficiary of all our family grief, haven’t you, you son of a bitch?” LOL - Damn! LoL

AM- I knew it! “That sounds a hell of a lot better than spending the last seven years on the run.  In hiding.  I gave up everything—who I was, what I wanted, all I ever had—to honor my father’s wishes.  To keep him safe, to keep you safe.”   

Christina - And here's where I started to feel sorry for N just a bit. Just a bit.... Maybe later I'll feel for him.

Chele- I think right now if I were the twins I would be wanting to shank my dad.

AM- Ugh I feel bad for the both of them now. :-(

Dani- I dont know about yall but instead of taking it out on my bro i would be hella pissed at my dad if i was Cash. Especially since he knew wth was going on this whole time!

Christina - ya, well I'm maybe still. I really feel bad that Cash had no clue. ( Cash Fan in case I didn't state that *winks*) #DITTO

AM-  Ladies, there is 3 hot Men here!! Which one of us are single?! *Points At Self* ME!!! I call dibs on Cash, lol. - ummmm can I pretend??? Hey no fair AM, I call Cash! We can battle it out with an audition! Haha ~~Lmao, well there are twins now!! Lmao, we switch off everyother week. Us single girls need to share. Lol ~~I can totally live with that :) we just have to be careful to know who is who haha or that can get pretty messy lol

AM- Dani, haha. Lets Not have an Olivia #DownToYou moment. Lol

Dani- Girl we would know our man... IDK how Olivia couldn’t tell the difference but I have faith we would know the diff! ~~LOL she took too many body shots that night, lol. ~~She must have because damn....haha

Christina - *watches you two fight* ‘hey Cash how's it going?’

AM-  Cash is always thinking of Oliva. *Swoon* #RealMan Love him.

Dani- Cash is really awesome! I swear i swoon just hearing his name *faints*

Christina - ML created a perfect guy. I see movie. Yes yes I do!

Chele- And here is a Cash picture...

Oh. My. God wasn't chapter 14 a shocker?!?! I know Chele thought it was going to be some girl from Cash's past...but I(Dani) have to admit I was a little surprised but screamed "I KNEW IT" haha

That was a pretty good Ace huh?! The thing is do we trust him? Is Nash really there to help or to be a pain in the Ace? Then there's good ol' he trustworthy now? That was a rather big secret to keep, just saying!

Will Cash and Olivia learn to COMMUNICATE? Guess we will have to wait and see!

Tune in tomorrow to read SIX more chapters with us and find out!

Don't be shy, leave us some love on what you think might happen or how shocked you were to see Nash reappear... What are your thoughts? IS Nash going to be a friend or foe?

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