Friday, December 7, 2012

Unravel Me

Psychology student Ashlyn Drake’s neat, orderly life takes a turn for the crazy when she finds the perfect subject for her amnesia thesis – a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he’s accused of committing.

Against all common sense, Ashlyn’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it’s that he’s so incredibly male, and even handcuffed to his hospital bed he could pass for a cologne ad – Scent de Insanity. Or perhaps it’s because she’s spent too many lonely nights studying. Either way, she’s determined to help him solve the mystery of his past. She begins to unravel who he was before, using his cryptic tattoos, and his paintings that scream of a dark past as her only clues. When she finally learns his secret there’s no telling which one is the real him, the gentle lover she’s fallen for or the troubled man with a dark past.

UNRAVEL ME is a contemporary erotic romance.

One of the things I love about books like this is that their short enough to read in between books, but also the story. Some shorties don't have much depth and that's why we haven't really been reviewing some. Don't get me wrong they are still good, but not really enough to review if that makes sense? Anyways, I absolutely loved this book. It was short, sweet, and sexy.

So Ashlyn is a student going for her Ph.D, her thesis is over amnesia. She got lucky and was presented a subject to study. Their attraction is immediate. She noticed one of his tattoos was the name Logan, so instead of calling him John Doe, they both agree with the name Logan. Now is Logan a past lover, son, or could it be a woman? As the study goes on Ashlyn is spending every minute with Logan, feelings are starting to develop. They both also share the same tattoo.

Logan gets out of the hospital that he was confined to because he was accused of murder. The cops however weren't able to prove him guilty so he was released. Set out in the world with out any knowledge of who he is, where he lives, or any money. He finds himself at Ashlyn's house. On a mission to find out who he is, he ends up falling for Ashlyn, but not wanting to break her heart. Leaves, twice.

Will Logan find out who he really is? Who really is Logan? Will Ashlyn and the guy with amnesia make it? Check it out to see. Oh and the sex, lets just say I wouldn't mind having "Logan" around!


So this was a really cute book. I loved it. Warning though..... some intense mature scenes in here.

Ashlyn is a student working on her PHD in Pyschology.  Her professor gives her a case that she can study for her amnesia thesis.  It is a man who is accused of murder and who has total amnesia.  When Ashlyn sees him, she is taken by his good looks and the sadness in his eyes.  No one can reach him and he gets vilolent with the Dr's and orderlies.  Ashyln is warned to not take him on or go in there but she is confident that she can get through to him.

Ashlyn decides to call him "Logan" because that is tatto'd on his arm.  She and "Logan" Spend so much time together that there is this attraction between them.  Logan is cleared off all charges as the police find that it is self defense.  He is released and Ashyln finds him wandering the streets.  Ashlyn takes him home and..... lets just say the chemistry SIZZLES!!!  What does "Logan" start to remember?  And when Ashlyn's Friends can give a clue to WHO "Logan" Really is what happens with them?  Its all good I promise! Find out WHO "Logan" is, in more ways than one AND Find a love that starts with something new! :)  


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