Monday, November 12, 2012

Double Time

He Craves Her Music and Passion
On the rebound from the tumult of his bisexual lifestyle, notoriously sexy rock guitarist Trey Mills falls for sizzling new female guitar sensation Reagan Elliot and is swept into the hot, heady romance he never dreamed possible.
She Can't Get Enough of His Body
Ecstatic to be on tour learning the ropes with Trey's band, The Sinners, Reagan finds she craves Trey as much as she craves being in the spotlight.
They Both Need More...
When Reagan's ex, Ethan Connor, enters the scene, Trey's secret desires come back to haunt him, and pleasure and passion are taken to a whole new level of dangerous desire.

 So I was a little worried about this book. I absolutely loved Backstage Pass with Brian. That's the first book, you can tell Trey and Brian are best friends, but Trey wanted more. When Merna came into the picture I was really worried about Trey and what was going to happen to him since Brian and Trey seemed to be a pair. Then in Rock Hard, book 2, it's Sed's story but you can see the struggle raging in Trey. If you haven't figured it out Trey plays both sides of the field, but he's only ever loved Brian.

When Double Time kicks off Trey is having a very sexual dream about Brian, and boy I was so damn confused, slightly pissed off at Brian...You see I didn't realize it was a dream at first Lol. Then Brian is dragging Trey with him on a plane to get to the hospital because Merna is having her baby. I can say I literally cried. I could feel Trey's heart breaking when he finally made up his mind to let Brian go. Then he hooks up a nurse in the storage closet and checks out a guy on the elevator, haha.

This book is seriously hott. I'm not a fan of guy on guy action, so if you aren't and don't have an open mind, this is not the book for you, but if you are open minded enough, give this book a chance. Trey is a serious sweetheart and I adore him. He says he's going to swear off guys and go straight. He finds the perfect girl at his brother Dare's audition. Dare's band, Exodus End, is looking for a new guitar player and Regan kicked ass. Regan is awesome at guitar, she could play like Brian and that is what draws Trey to her at first.

Something happens when they have sex though. Something that never happens, so he tries to do the relationship thing with Regan. Then Ethan comes into play. Ethan is Regan ex-boyfriend who she thinks is gay but turns out to be bisexual as well. He's attracted to Trey and is still in love with Regan. Trey is attracted to Ethan as well but refuses to mess things up with Regan. Trey hasn't been totally honest with Regan about being bisexual, so when he gets caught in a compromising position involving her dildo...he walks away because he doesn't want to hurt her.

Will Regan and Trey be able to make it? What about Ethan? Can Trey get over the way he feels for Brian? Maybe Trey will get the lucky and have Regan and Ethan? You'll have to read to find out! Be sure to stock up on cherry suckers, have a bottle of wine near you, and be ready to take a cold shower, because Trey is going to have you hot and flustered.


Olivia Cunning Has done it again!! :)  Trey's turn for a story!  Let me first warn you... Trey is bisexual so if that bothers you then... skip this. 

I thought Olivia did and awesome job showing us Trey's emotions.  He Really Loved his best friend Brian and watching him deal with those emotions was so hard.  Olivia created a guy that EVERYONE will love! Trey just begs to be hugged and taken care of.  He needs a special kind of love and HE will get that in this book.  Yes we get to see all of the Sinners Guys and also a bit into Trey's brother's Dare (Exodus End) band. 

I truly enjoy reading the interaction that Oliva creates with all the guys!  It makes me feel like I am on tour with them.  I love that Trey got HIS story! Watching him through Back Stage Pass and Rock Hard, my heart broke for him. I think I want him as a BFF!  I'd go and buy many cherry suckers!

Go read this book and show Olivia and Trey Some Love! 


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