Monday, November 25, 2013

Entwine - Review

When I first started Entwine, I was a little worried about liking it. It’s written differently but that doesn’t take away from the story. It takes a little while to get used to, but at the end of it I absolutely loved the story. I’m loving these books about finding oneself and learning to love without conditions.

Entwine is about a 22 year old girl who just started working in her field of choice, breaking up with a boyfriend she was comfortable with, to meeting a man that made her feel. Sometimes when we’re young we get confused with lust and love. It’s hard to distinguish the difference sometimes and being comfortable with someone doesn’t mean you love them. Sarah was iffy about falling in love because of what she went through with her parents. Coming home from a party to hear your father having an affair isn’t something you can get over easily and when they get divorced, the relationship with her father is strained. When she meets Malik everything changes for her. It’s like she’s woken up from the continuous motions of life to being able to live. She starts feeling emotions she didn’t think she could, but that changes when she finds out who Malik is.

Malik is a divorce attorney with a daughter named Lucy. They have this undeniable attraction toward each other and they try to fight it, but to no avail. When Sarah learns who Malik is they decide its best to take a break from each other, to figure out if they can get past the fact that Malik ex-wife is the reason Sarah’s family was torn apart. There’s so many parts of this story that are amazing, how no matter the age difference love can conquer all obstacles. Nothing worth having is ever easy, sometimes we have to fight for what we love, even if that means fighting with each other.

This book is filled with second chances, betrayal, understanding, insight, and above all love. Loving yourself to see what you want and need, loving someone despite their past, and learning to let go. Sarah and Malik’s love is beautiful and my only complaint is that I wish the Epilogue was a little longer, that or another book will be coming out alongside it soon. Take a chance on this book, you won’t regret it. 
 <3 Dani 

About this author

Rebecca Berto writes stories about love and relationships. She gets a thrill when her readers are emotional reading her books, and gets even more of a kick when they tell her so. She's strangely imaginative, spends too much time on her computer, and is certifiably crazy when she works on her fiction. 

Rebecca Berto lives in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and their doggy.

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