Monday, October 28, 2013

Can't Go Home

Usually we only do the cover and the synopsis, but this full jacket of the book is too gorgeous not to share! Plus you can read the blurb right of the back cover, so win win!

There comes a point in life when we al have to strike out on our own. Do our own thing without getting help.Can't Go Home, I absolutely fell in love with Dre. Kathryn too, but for incompletely different reasons.
Well in Angelisa Stone's debut novel,

We start off by meeting Dre in one of the most unique ways I've ever read, well at least remember reading. He's totally being a stalker and I love it. Not in that creeped out, I'm peeping in your window stalker way, just in that I'm intrigued and learning things about you way. I have to admit I would be in awe of Kathryn as well, hell I am and totally wish some of her honesty would rub off on me.

So Kathryn is beyond amazing and not to mention refreshing. I love a good heroin, a book where the girl is helping fix the guy instead of the other way around. You can feel their attraction but Kathryn doesn't play games and Dre has player written all over him. But he's persistant and doesnt let up. Eventually he gets a chance with Kathryn, but it might be more than he bargained for.When you live a life of a secrets, there bound to catch up with you, it's only a matter of time. Will Dre's secrets ruin everything he started forging with Kathryn? Can Kathryn understand and forgive him?

Not everything is what it seems and sometimes love can be enough to conquer all, give you strength when you need it, and it just might change your view of life. I'm not big on rating books, I don't think 5 stars are enough to rate any book, but this debut novel from Angelisa Stone is definitely worth 10 stars. It's filled with honesty, love, betrayal, finding oneself, and of course sex. Not raunchy sex, but sex that makes you blush reading it and makes you crave that connection with someone. That soul touching connection we all strive to find. Pick this book up if you haven't already!
<3 Dani

Can't Go Home is a book that I wish there was more of. Kathryn Howell works for a literary agent and doesn't take crap from anyone. I really loved her feisty attitude. Dre Donnelly , helps everyone, walks everywhere and wants nothing more than some time with Kathryn. He waits for her outside her work. At first you think stalkerish right? It kinda was. But he was being helpful to her. At first he wanted a one night stand with her but Dre learned there was more to Kathryn that he thought. They date and oh my that first night together, I thought I'd melt on the spot! 
However, what does Kathryn know about Dre? He's not an open book. And he wants to tell her. What happens when he doesn't right away? Can Kathryn believe enough in what she feels to wait him out? And who exactly is Dre? You'll be surprised as I was. I loved who he was and what he decided to do. This book left me feeling that I wish more people tried what Dre did in their lives. 
Loved this book!!! Go get it!! Love on some Dre 

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