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Entrelacen - Logan Interview and Review

I am so excited because the day is finally here!!!  Dani's book ENTRELACEN is OUT!!!!!  And I (Christina) have some fun stored up for you guys! I was able to read this book a while ago, so I might have a lot to say! Also Dani let me borrow Logan to interview! So sit back and relax and enjoy!  Then You should really buy Entrelacen..... or you could try to win it. HEHEHE yep.... watch for the end of the post!



HeyLogan, I'm Christina, Dani's friend. This is so exciting to meet you one onone! I won't keep you too long I know you've got April and the kids waiting.
Hey Christina, it’s good to meet you too. Anyfriend of Dani is a friend of mine!

When your mom first told you about what your mission was how did that feel?
Well at first I thought my mom was crazy. I meanwho would believe in magic and that you’re actually apart of it? It soundsinsane to even say it out loud even after going through everything. But in thesame breath it made sense. I mean sometimes I would get this feeling like Ishould be doing something more with my life and when she told me who we are itclicked. Total light bulb moment. *Laughs*

Here's a weird question, the long long coma. When you woke describe what yourthoughts and feelings were.
It was pretty long huh? *laughs* At first I thoughtit was joke. I mean who wakes up after a few years in a coma right? Usuallythey pull the plug so I thought my dad got a hold of me and was pulling thisprank. But then when I heard Gran’s voice I knew everything was real. I wascrushed to realize my mom was gone and then confused because I didn’t know whatreally happened to Deandra, if she was actually there or if it was all an illusion.So I was happy to be alive but not at the cost.

Your Gran seems like a pretty awesome lady, how is it living and working forher?
Gran is awesome. She’s like mom in so many waysthat it’s comfortable. It was awkward at first, getting used to someone alwaysbeing around and asking about your day. Mom wasn’t always there but they havesimilar personalities. I can’t complain about working for her, I mean it’s theleast I could do after her taking me in and taking care of me. *smiles*

When you ran into April at the store, was there some kind of fireworks,electricity , angels singing? Haha sorry girls are all descriptive.
*laughs* I wouldn’t say fireworks or angelssinging. But there was definitely this intense electricity flowing between us.It was a little weird to be honest. You know that feeling you get when you getshocked by someone? It’s like that but constant and running along the surfaceof your skin. But below the surface it’s so much more intense.

Some people say they know the one when they see them. Did you know THEN thatyou would be together?
No. Honestly I didn’t think I would ever see heragain. She looked like a tourist who stumbled upon the store. I felt thatconnection to her but I’ve never been the type to believe in the ONE let alonelove. From past experience with my parents, Love seemed like a door to pain andI never wanted to experience that.

When April took you home to meet the boys, were you nervous, excited both?
*runs hand through hair* Nervous. Definitelynervous, scared, and slightly excited. I knew they were going to be thedeciding factor in if something started between us. By then there was thiscrazy attraction to each other and like I said before, I never planned onfalling in love. So kids didn’t fit into my picture I had in my head. It wasall about figuring out how to find my mission, my purpose so to speak.

I'm going to say, right now, that water balloon, and muddy play was my favoritepart to read. What was your favorite part? (Laughs because I think I know)
*throws head back and laughs hard* Oh you know thatwas the best part. But I can’t say it was my favorite. My favorite part waswhen we were in the book store and I was watching April sing to the most randomsongs and her not notice me. She was in her element and there was nothing morebeautiful than that sight.

When you and April realized, Matthew was the one to protect did that scare youboth or help settle the sense of purpose within you?
I was terrified at first, but it all made sense.Everything fell into place. The way we met, the way the kids reacted to me,everything. It all just fell into place like it was designed that way.

When it was time for battle, how hard was it watching April fight too? And whenshe asked you to leave with Matthew, my heart broke. That had to be tough.
It was so hard, but my girl kicks ass! *chuckles*I’ve always told myself that I would always be the protector and when she stoodalongside me, fighting with me, it took everything to keep going and not grabher and Matthew and take off.  When shesaid that, I swear a piece of me died right then and there. If it wasn’t forMatthew clinging to me, I wouldn’t have been able to walk away, but my missionwas to make sure he was safe. So that’s what I did.

I could go on for a while but, I know you have a beautiful family to get backto. (Hands you gifts for the kids) please give these to your kids from me, andtell April I said hello! Thank you so much for talking with me!

It was awesome talking to you too and the kids aregoing to love the gifts. I swear we have them so spoiled.

So that was totally fun! Did you Love the picture of Logan? Are you swooning yet?  Here's a little swoon piece then! :)

AND now..... my review of Entrelacen : Warning.... it may contain lots of gushing and mushy bits!

One girl faces tethered responsibilities in the form of three boys.
One boy dealt a hard hand but rises above in search of his destiny.
Two separate lives desperatefor a break, collide.
Falling in love was never the plan but it happened anyway.
Time’s running out and both their fears comes to light.
The key to defeating darknesslies within their family lineage.
Were they thrown together by chance or fate?
Will love conquer all or will a sacrifice be made?

MY (Christina) Review Of Entrelacen 

I've known Dani for almost a year now, we met on twitter through our love of Amy Bartol's Books. It was funny actually. I wasn't used to interacting with other book lovers and Dani jumped right in, chatting with me, talking to me about my new puppy and even inviting me to an event.  I was like WOW I don’t know this girl and she is inviting me to go places!  It was touched and a bit excited.  So we forged a fast friendship and even started reading the same books, together, and messaging each other about them.  Dani, at the time had her own blog that she reviewed books on.  I made a joke one day that we should do one together, because I was like…. I am just too shy and didn’t want to do it alone.  I just read.  Soooooooooo basically that day, Crazy Book Chicks was born.  We dove RIGHT in!  And now with 2 blogs, twitter, and FB we are laughing at how big this got.  We are two girls who just LOVE LOVE to read.  During our BOOK CHICK craziness, Dani and I met for the first time for the last premier of a twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2.  IT was awesome and a night I will never forget.  Since then I have had the EXTREME privilege of watching Dani take on the HAT of AUTHOR.  I read tid bits as Dani wrote Entrelacen and Gushed and wanted more.  I knew then that this book would be out!
Entrelacen touched my heart and made me cry in parts.  I loved it that much, and I am not just saying that because it’s Dani’s.  The story has a special place in her heart and I am SO SO happy that she wrote it and is sharing it with all of you.  April and Logan are the main characters in this story.  We see their separate stories unfolding in the beginning of the book.  You hear of April’s life and her adopting her brothers.  (I seriously want to tell you the whole story but you must read it for the full emotional effect).  Logan’s life was not a walk in the park either.  He was raised by his mother who loved him, but there was a special and almost scary task placed upon him.  There was something and someone he must protect.   When his mom was taken from him and after being in a comma, Logan wakes to a new life with his grandmother.  This is where, in Las Vegas, Logan and April’s lives run into each other, literally.  (You’ll see)   April starts working in Logan’s Grandmothers store, and the chemistry is CLEARLY there.   My favorite part when April and Logan hang out, is the water fight with her boys!  I could clearly see that in my head. Logan is a VERY swoon worthy guy!
You know the part in books were there has to be that “No, no, no ,don’t be stubborn” that you say?   Well something happens and I will say both Logan and April are stubborn to protect themselves and the boys.  BUT you know….. that doesn’t last…. HAHAHAH! When they two of them realize they are destined to be together and protect a “special someone” it’s like the sun shines and rainbows shoot from the air. 
One of my favorite quotes from the book is when Logan says:  
                “Baby no matter what we are here together We are in this together.  Now one is going to take us away from each other or stop us from protecting our boys”
Did you swoon?  Because it made April cry and swoon! Seriously I cried too!

The big battle at the end of the book is where I was crying.  I won’t say what happens but the emotion is thick and this is where I saw the love and strength Logan and April have for each other mature so strong.  I ABSOLUTELY Loved the whole book and the Ending was like a cherry on top.  The Epilogue is like Chocolate Syrup!   
My thoughts on Entrelacen?  I loved it! Great story, great tension in parts and Lots of wondering what will happen next!  I read it in a day and could not stop.  Then had to tell Dani that I cried!  I love her dearly and am so proud that she wrote this!!!  So….. Go get your copy!!!  Fall in love with April and Logan’s stories and then with their story that became Entrelacen !

Now Hurry and go get your copy of Entrelacen today! 

Now.... A little about Dani ..... 

Author Bio
Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother.  She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. 

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