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Never Forget -Ending the Tour with a group Interview

Hey y’all thanks for meeting up with me to do a group interview, my name is Dani and I’m from the CBC’s Naughty & Nice, you may have seen Christina around here earlier! First I know how y’all like to bicker and talk over each other… *points finger at Jen & Bing* none of that. Who am I kidding I know you’re going to do it anyways, just keep it to a minimum. Thank you.

Ok so my first questions is going to Lexy. Lexy we know you weren’t too thrilled about having to go back to Lilac Bay, if your parents said you could have stay, would you go back and have a do over?

Lexy: Yes. I was very spoilt at the beginning of the summer, and thought going to Devon would be absolute hell. But now I'm glad I went.

How excited were you Jen when you found out that Lexy was coming back for the summer?

Jen: Well, you know me, Dani, I'm easily excited, but for the sake of your readers lets just say I was bouncing off the goddamn walls like a kangaroo on speed.
Bing: A kangaroo on speed?
Jen: * points finger at him * Don't start with me, Samuel, or you'll be on your ass faster than a toddler trying to learn to walk.

How bout you Carl? You didn’t know Lexy but you must have been excited that Jen was going to have a friend to do stuff with while you and Alec could surf.

Carl: You have no idea. * glances at Jen * She gets kinda moody when she's left alone too long, yet won't go on a surfboard. Usually I don't take her because she can be a bit like a little kid.
Jen: I hope you know that comment means you just forfeited your sex life for the next six months. Have fun with your right hand. * turns away *

Which bring me to Alec. The first time you saw Lexy at the beach, I loved the analogy with umm *blushes* Megan Fox by the way, what happened afterwards?

Alec: * smirks * Do you honestly want to know what I did when I went home that night?
Lexy: * gasps and slaps his arm* oh my god!
Alec: What, Princess?
Lexy: I can't believe you just said that.
(Alec laughs.)
Alec: She asked!
Lexy: But you didn't have to.. Never mind.
*laughs* No he’s right Lexy I did ask… I should have known!

Ok Bing before you get all big brother on Alec, what was with the pep talk of trying to get Lexy to loosen up? I mean I feel bad for Lexy she was getting every way and then to have you on her to, *laughs* typical brother though, I know mine would do the same.

Bing: Is she listening? (Lexy nods.) Shit, okay. In London Lexy never bothered with guys, right? She was always 'oh my education' and that's wicked and I respect that and everything, but I wanted her to have some fun. I mean, hell. If you knew her before she arrived in Devon, you'd know how much she needed to relax. And if anyone wears the 'annoying big brother' badge, it's me.
*nods head* Totally get it Bing. My bother told me the same thing when I was in school. He might give you a run for your money in more ways than one. *laughs*

Ok this one is for Jen, Carl, and Alec… The jean shopping, really hands in the back pockets? What’s up with that? We don’t see it here in the states much.

Jen: It's because they're perverts.
Carl: Or because I like touching your ass.
Jen: There is a time and a place for that. You already forfeited yours. Unlucky chucky.
Carl: I'll make it up to you, baby.
Alec: In your own time, guys. * rolls eyes * Dani, it's a comfort thing. It's easy just to slip your hand in there, you know? I still prefer Lexy in those skirts and dresses though.

Ok Grammy, I see you back there trying to keep it together so this one’s for you. I was never able to get to know my grandmother and I would hope the relationship you have with Lexy would be like y’alls, with that, how long exactly were you planning getting Alec and Lexy together?

Grammy: I'm just fine back here with my Vino, dear, don't you worry about me. * giggles * Well, I knew they were coming for about a month and c'mon, love, you can see Alec. He's a bit of a strapping lad and with my hips and doctors orders and what not, I needed some help in the yard.
Lexy: I still don't believe that. And Mum? Did you give her that Vino? You know what she gets like on that stuff.
Emily: No, dear. I don't know where she found that.
Grammy: Believe what you like, Lexy girl, it's the truth. Anyway, Alec was the obvious choice. I'm old, not blind. He's pretty to look at, isn't he?
Jen: She's right. He's like a  pretty little pageant queen up on stage for the first time. Just minus the dress and plus a few abs.
(Alec grins.)
*grins* I have to agree with Grammy Lexy, Alec is wicked hot and Jen, pagent queen? Really?! *laughs*

Growing up with Vi Emily, did you have an idea of what she was up to with Lexy?

Emily: Not at first. After the convenient dinner date on our first night there, it became obvious. Mum always was sneaky like that. She used to set me and Si up. She needed her garden seeing to then, too. It appears to be a habit of hers.
(Grammy shifts and grins cheekily.)

Si, I have to admit you are rather a cool dad for not being, “If you hurt my daughter I’ll come after you” or you know interrogating him much. Did you figure that Lexy would do it whether or not you approved or because you completely trusted her?

Si: I left that to Samuel. I figured he'd go protective over her, because despite their incessant bickering, they are in fact close - as you might have guessed. That, and I trust Lexy. She wouldn't give her heart away unless the person receiving it truly deserved it. That's why I agreed to help Alec arrange moving to London in private.
(Si slaps Alec's shoulder)
Good job with that by the way Si. I was thrilled with the way things ended and seeing you had a hand in it!

We don’t get to see much of you Joanna, were you surprised when Alec agreed to bring Lexy over? I know it’s an epic deal, especially with his reputation.

Joanna: I was so surprised! I only suggested it on a whim so when he agreed I was blown away. And yes.. That reputation. Let's not say anymore about that, hmm?
(Alec looks down sheepishly and Bing chuckles.)
Well our past makes our future better, so no need to be ashamed. We live and learn right?

Lexy and Alec, one of my favorite scenes with the two of you is when you picked out a star for your father. What is each of yours?

Lexy: I can't pick one. We've spent so much time together that it all kind of seems to roll into one. I love every second we spend together.
Alec: * takes Lexy's hand and kisses it * the first time we lay on the beach and looked up at the stars. Like I say to her in the book, it's when I really knew I was in love with her.
(Lexy leans into him, smiling. Jen grins and Bing makes a gagging sound.)
Jen: Soppy shits. Carl, why aren't you more romantic?
Carl: You want romance, give me back my sex life.
Jen: Earn it.
(Grammy hits the back of their heads.)
*laughs* Oh Grammy I just love you!

I don’t want to keep you guys any longer, so I want to say thank y’all for meeting up with me and holding down the bickering some! *laughs* Alec take care of Lexy! Bing I’ll see you soon*winks*

I’ve always wondered if fate was real and if people are placed in your life for specific reasons. Whether it’s to help you in that moment, that week, month, and year or for the rest of your life…people come into our lives and people leave but some, some leave the lasting impression. They impact your life in ways that change it completely. The thing is we don’t see it. You’re probably wondering where this fits into reviewing Never Forget, well this is why. I got introduced to Emma through Christina who I believe got introduced to her through their fangirling over David James when his book Light of the Moon came out. 

Emma is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, getting to know, and is far wiser for her age than people I know who are even older than me. She has this way of writing so beautifully that it touches your heart. I had the pleasure of being around while she was writing Never Forget and getting teasers along the way as well as beta read for her. I’ve now read this book three times and each time I’ve found something new to love, but the truly amazing thing about this book is that it doesn’t get old. I can read it over and over and still feel the same emotions as if it was the first time reading it. 

If you haven’t noticed from other reviews by me, I tend to get emotional and really attached to my characters, so when I say you are going to need tissues… just take my word for it and be ready. So what is Never Forget about… Well Lexy is a London girl who didn’t want to go to the small town of Lilac Bay for the summer. Determined to be miserable takes a backseat when she lays her eyes upon Alec.  Hanging out with Jen, an old friend, Jen’s boyfriend Carl and Carl’s best mate Alec…. Let’s just say the summer takes an interesting turn.

“…I know it’s been a bitter sweet ending to a roller
coaster summer.. But it’s one I’ll never forget.”

Alec also works for Grammy. Grammy, oh how I love Grammy. My grandmother died when I was an infant so I never go to know her. So this was really emotional for me to read because the way Lexy and her Grammy acted around each other, I have no doubt in my mind that me and my grandmother would have been the exact same way. With stories from my mom about my grandmother I can draw parallels, and the sneaky way Lexy’s Gram tries to get Alec and her together is how mine would have been.  I have no doubt about it. 

But does Lexy give Alec the chance to prove himself worthy of her trust? Does Alec see that Lexy is more than a one night hook up? Love… Like every truly great love story it ends tragically… Romeo & Juliet, Rose & Jack …. In the words of Emma Hart’s Alec Johnson:

''But it was only tragic because they were so in love. That tragic kind of love is the kind that consumes you until you can't do anything but live and breathe it. When you have that kind of love, you know you've found what true love is all about. So really, when you think about it, dying for the person you love isn't that all that tragic at all.''

He couldn’t be more right here. Prime example of how amazing Emma Hart is for a writer. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll continue to say it… Emma Hart is BADASS, she truly is. Getting past all the mushiness of love that obviously lies within Never Forget, not to mention some definitely hot, swoon worthy kissing scenes, as well as some intimate scenes Never Forget is a well-rounded Novel. Each character has depth and a purpose. Lexy’s relationship with her brother Bing is hilarious. I absolutely adore them and it reminds me of my relationship with my older brother. One of my favorite interactions between them is this:

“Bing,” I start.
“Lexy,” he mimics my voice.
“Go play in traffic.”
“Only if you come with me, sister dear.”

Absolutely something I would tell my brother and he would say the exact same thing to me. That's what I love about reading a really good book, you’re able to form a connection to it. It makes you laugh, cry, swoon, fall in love, get angry, and FEEL…. That’s what it’s all about in the end…it’s what makes a book stand out. It’s what leaves a lasting impression on you. Never Forget definitely left an impression on me. I love Lexy and Alec, but I also love every other character in the book. They each had their own quirks and you love them in their individuality, but as a whole… there’s no stopping them.

So Congratulations Emma Hart on your debut Novel in the New Adult genre. Never Forget is epic and one of the best books I’ve ever read. If you haven't read this book yet, I suggest you read it with the playlist. Talk about bringing out the motions of the story!

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