Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Sexy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day


So We thought it would be nice to have some eye candy to give for Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes authors give us visuals of the bad boys or sexy guys from their books, and sometimes our minds make up what we think they look like.  Authors such as Michelle Leighton, Olivia Cunning, Emma Hart, Helen Boswell,Tiffany King, and Courtney Cole, have provided us with some entertaining visuals! We find ourselves browsing the internet for the guy we are reading about.  I Know in my mind I read books and it plays out like a movie in my head. I also find that us girls go looking for some just to make us laugh.  Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the look of a good man! Even if you have a man, your eyes are definitely not broke right? LOL. 

Now there are also TV shows, Like the Vampire Diaries and True Blood that provide readers and show watchers with DELIGHT as we see characters come to life on screen.  I have provided some of my favorite eye candy from those shows. 

Last night I had a little Help from Dani, Rachel and Chris, in looking up some eye candy to treat you all with.  I know it’s not chocolate, but I hope you like it. 

Love on your special someone today, OR love on your friends! Everyone deserves a little extra love today! Enjoy the show!

OH and BY the way, At the end of this post, IF you survived there will be a link to Dani’s Author Blog, where you have a chance to Win “IF you Stay” By Courtney Cole.  IF you want to win it you need to go there and read how! So Without further ado……… EYE CANDY

This was Rachel's Favorite! :) 

Nice Abbs there Buddy!

I think those Eyes Just Killed us All!!

Who doesn't swoon over a guy with a kitty right?  He's Adorbs!!

Okay these next few are just for giggles and grins and what not. I was in a funny mood so why not right??????  Stay with me here!

Christina Is a DAMON fan girl...... so ya know he had to be on this post!

Amnesia Eric Kissing Sookie..... yes that was swoonable. I happen to LIKE amnesia ERIC!
OKAY this next one!!..... Well you gotta leave off with some Fae Magic!

YEP..... ITS CLAUDE! :)  IF you read the books.... he's a hot asshole..... but if you watch the show, he's an UBER CUTIE!

Ya...... that kinda hot.
NOW...... IF you want to win "If You Stay" By Courtney Cole (which is FABULOUS, TOTALLY LOVE PAX)  Then...... you need to visit Dan's Blog to enter the raffle.  She has some Love and Angel Hotness and A teaser from her WIP on there! So Go now and enter!

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